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Heart of Fear: The Threshold

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Mission Quest Chain: Lost Harbingers - Channeling Cazic - Growing Fear - The Heart of Fear - Menace, Doom, and Horror - An End to Fear

An End to Fear

Quest Giver: Kismari, Glask`s Liaison

Requirements: Level 85, Lost Harbingers, Channeling Cazic, Growing Fear, The Heart of Fear and Menace, Doom, and Horror
Request Phrase: help Task Locks on Request
Zone In Phrase: go
Time Limit: 6 Hours
Task Type: Group, 3 Minimum, 6 Maximum Players
Lockout: 6 Hours
Repeatable: Yes



  • Just a Touch of Death
  • One More Than You Need
  • Cart Before the Horse
  • Hero of the Heart of Fear
  • Fearless Vindicator (Group)

Chest Loot

Task Steps:

  • Speak with Harbinger Glask 0/1 (Heart of Fear: The Epicenter) More Info
  • Defeat Xaric 0/1 (Heart of Fear: The Epicenter) More Info
  • Claim your reward from the chest 0/1 (Heart of Fear: The Epicenter) More Info


  • Speak with Harbinger Glask 0/1 (Heart of Fear: The Epicenter)
    • Inside, Hail Harbinger Glask
  • Defeat Xaric 0/1 (Heart of Fear: The Epicenter)
    • For the first phase of this event you must allow a hatchling to eat a crystal and absorb its power, once it turns into its new form, you must then kill all other trash besides the new powered up form, you must then kill the crystals and let the mob absorb them, while not allowing the other mobs to absorb any of the crystals, this will take a good amount of a time to fully absorb, so you will have time to kill the wrong ones, only 1 mob at a time can be absorbing an aura as well. If they do manage to absorb it, you must kill the powered up ones and have any of the mobs absorb all 7 crystals.

      Once a mob has all 7 crystals absorbed (you will see 7 abbreviations under their name), you must then kill it, doing so will spawn Cazic and start phase 2.

      For the 2nd phase you must DPS Xaric down, it hp locks at 1%, after you must DPS Cazic down to 10%, this will cause him to use Cazic Touch, when he does there will be a yellow emote on the screen about Xaric being vulnerable, on this emote, you will then have about 40 seconds to kill Xaric, Xaric can only be killed during this emote.

      During Phase 2 Xaric has an emote - Xaric disappears into the shadows, this gives him a buff, Interphasic, and he will clear his aggro list.

      During this Phase, Cazic will fire AE's based on which Pillar type is up, you can see the Pillars name and its ability name underneath it. He will also casts other spells. His abilities are:
      Anguish Pillar: Miasma of Anguish
      Cazic Touch: Cazic Touch, used more often when he is 10% or less hp
      Terror Pillar: Terrifying Sluggishness
      Dread Pillar: Creeping Dread
      Anxiety Pillar: Devouring Anxiety
      Misery Pillar: Oppression of Misery
      Fright Pillar: Fright Force
      Random Spell: Boil Blood II
      Random Spell: Runes of Protection II
      Random Spell: Desperate Inferno II
  • Claim your reward from the chest 0/1 (Heart of Fear: The Epicenter)
    • Open the Chest

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