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Chapterhouse of the Fallen

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Quest Chain: Infiltrating the Burning Dead - Operation - Dead Gnomes Tell No Tales. . . Or Do They? - Run, You Fools! - A Matter of Life and Death

Run, You Fools!

Quest Giver: Holy Defender Ioris

Requirements: Level 85, Infiltrating the Burning Dead, Operation and Dead Gnomes Tell No Tales. . . Or Do They?
Request Phrase: help
Zone In Phrase: enter
Time Limit: 6 Hours
Task Type: Group, 3 Minimum, 6 Maximum Players
Lockout: 6 Hours
Repeatable: Yes


  • Experience
  • 300 Platinum


  • Run, You Fools!: Challenge of Toughness
  • By the Power of Dead Skulls
  • Plagueborn
  • Hero of the Chapterhouse of the Fallen

Chest Loot

Task Steps:

  • Find Menizzia 0/1 (Chapterhouse of the Fallen) More Info
  • Destroy Minizzia's minions 0/1 (Chapterhouse of the Fallen) More Info
  • Escape from Lord Taros 0/1 (Chapterhouse of the Fallen) More Info
  • Kill Menizzia once and for all 0/1 (Chapterhouse of the Fallen) More Info
  • Open the old chest and claim your reward. 0/1 (Chapterhouse of the Fallen) More Info


  • Find Menizzia 0/1 (Chapterhouse of the Fallen)
    • Head up, this will auto update
  • Destroy Minizzia's minions 0/1 (Chapterhouse of the Fallen)
    • Kill the mobs that aggro
  • Escape from Lord Taros 0/1 (Chapterhouse of the Fallen)
    • High Lord William Taros will spawn and roam, you must run away from him, get too close and he has a damage aura, get too far behind him and there is a DT aura.

      There are 5 spots of mobs you will have to clear, spot 1 (as indicated by on the map), spot 2 (as indicated by on the map), spot 3 (as indicated by on the map), spot 4 (as indicated by on the map) and spot 5 (as indicated by on the map).

      At the end spot you should move in the room a bit to not take damage by his aura when he paths inside and stops

      Task Locks Here
  • Kill Menizzia once and for all 0/1 (Chapterhouse of the Fallen)
    • Kill Menizzia, during the fight she will spawn undead adds, if she depops them she will cast Corpse Explosion, an AE DD, she will also heal if any are depopped. She will also have an emote in red on the screen, you must run away from her or take a huge DD
  • Open the old chest and claim your reward. 0/1 (Chapterhouse of the Fallen)
    • Open the Chest

  • Re: Run, You Fools! By: Ranpha On: March 24, 2013, 05:13:49 PM

    Menizzia is mezzable, which gives you plenty of time to deal with adds.  While mezzed she doesn't do her annoying AE.

    Re: Run, You Fools! By: Maereax On: January 26, 2013, 02:54:15 PM

    Firstly, personally, this wasn't clear from the event text; you want to be in FRONT of Taros, not behind him.  You need to stay a good distance ahead of him, if he catches up to you, you (or a merc if they're lagging behind - use passive mode and run ahead to force them to move up) get instantly death touched. 

    First Half of the Mission
    The directions to run through this are: Facing into the room where Menizzia spawns from the zone-in-room, there is a tunnel to your right hand side. Once you kill the mobs that she spawns, you'll want to run into that tunnel, at the end is your first fight (yellow dot).  Once that dies, the wall at the end of the tunnel will collapse and you'll be looking into the next room.  The three mobs in that room will spawn right in the area that you are in when you spill out of the tunnel (black).  Kill them, then turn to the right and run to the far end of the room.  The tunnel on your left will have opened up and the five mobs (blue) will spawn just inside the entrance to that room. After killing them, turn left and run to the far side of the room and into the tunnel.  There is one mob at the end of that tunnel (orange/tan/brown), and then the last group of six spawns in the middle of the final room (green).

    When running through the tunnels the mobs spawn in the following manner:
    One mob at the yellow dot
    Three mobs at the black dot
    Five mobs at the blue dot
    One mob at the orange (tan or brown?) dot
    Six mobs at the green dot

    The more mobs you get, the easier they are to kill as far as HP is concerned, the groups of five and six die fairly quickly while the single mobs have a decent bit of hit points. They do still hit hard, so popping a defensive on the five and six mob waves isn't a bad idea unless your tank is rambo.

    Taros takes the same amount of time to make it to the final room, it doesn't vary by how fast you kill the mobs.  That means the best way to go about this is by getting a good head start.  We did the mission with a knight, a monk (me), two zerkers, a mage and a cleric merc.  I burned the first mob, the mage burned the first group and one of the zerkers burned the second group.  Short re-use discs here, save the big stuff for the last boss. 

    Second Half of the Mission
    Once you beat the waves and outrun Taros, the fun starts.  Menizzia is a witch, put simply.  She doesn't hit overly hard, but has two key mechanics that are both frustrating and obnoxious. She will spawn adds during the fight that must be killed.  If you don't kill them, you'll get hit by a huge AE (50k?) and it will heal her a significant bit for each mob she despawns.

    The other mechanic that needs to be followed his her emote. The text from my audio trigger is 'Menizzia begins to pulse with the fury of the dead. You should probably run away!'.  When she does this, you have less than ten seconds to move FAR away from her or you take a 150k, unblockable nuke (no DA/spell block runes).  She will kill pets, mercs, tanks, healers, gnomes and even iksar with this steamy pile of horse-*halfling*.  The KEY part of this is she roots herself when she does it, meaning the tank can get out of range too.

    You'll want to make sure you don't tank her in the center of the room or else you won't have a large enough distance to run away.  It really helps to have two spots designated, spot1 and spot2.  They should be far, far across the room from each other and should be constant.  You tank her at spot1, and run to spot2 when she does her emote.  Then, once the emote goes off, you tank her at spot2 and run to spot1, alternating back and forth.

    Misc info:
    *If you're using a merc healer or DPS, the best way to set it up is to keep one player at range and have them be the one to use the merc.  They start at spot2, designating where the group is supposed to run when the emote goes off as well as keeping the merc out of range of said emote (because it will kill them, and this event is balls without a healer)

    *If you completely wipe, you need to drop the mission and re-start.  Once Taros leaves the first room, there is a lightening aura that will death touch anyone walking into it, even after the event resets.  I suspect this is a bug, but if the mission is a wipe, safe yourself an extra death and just drop the mission, summon corpses and restart.  If the group wipes on Menizzia but someone lives and can rez the group back, that's fine, this only applies to a complete wipe that requires a corpse run.

    Re: Run, You Fools! By: Riou On: December 24, 2012, 03:40:09 AM

    Re: Run, You Fools! By: Eternally On: December 24, 2012, 12:20:52 AM

    Run, You Fools! By: Riou On: November 20, 2012, 09:28:38 PM

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