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Shard's Landing

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Difficulty: Level 95-97
Outdoor: Yes
Locked: No
Trash Level: Level 94-98
Named Level: Level 98-101

Connected Zones:
Erillion, City of Bronze
Sepulcher of Order
East Wastes: Zeixshi-Kar's Awakening
Grelleth's Palace, the Chateau of Filth
The Breeding Grounds
Chapterhouse of the Fallen
Evantil, the Vile Oak
Valley of King Xorbb
Chelsith Reborn
Plane of Shadow
Heart of Fear: The Threshold

When the Triumvirate was killed, Cazic Thule's power blew a hole through the roof of the Sepulcher, and cracked the mountain above. Over time, his power started to coalesce into shards. The largest, and the heart of his power, dropped onto this previously unknown plateau, just missing the hole, and creating a crater. Many smaller shards also landed.

The mountainous area was all but inaccessible prior to this explosion. With the explosion came a renewed interest in exploring this area. With that exploration a number of Alarans and Norrathians have uncovered the previously secluded sect of Alarans. The sect of believers has been living in these hills for many generations and is removed enough from the rest of the continent that the news of the Triunity's fall is a surprise to them. They are more welcoming of Norrathians than most of the other groups of Alarans that adventurers have encountered thus far.

The Norrathians that have established a camp in the crater are now working toward resurrecting Cazic-Thule. Regardless of any setbacks the group is determined that if they bring together all of the power that resides in the shards of crystal they will be able to reinstate their god. Part of what this unified group is doing in addition to simply obtaining the power of the crystals is building portals to all of the known locations where crystals have rained down on Norrath. The end goal of this group is the reconstruction of the central crystal known as The Heart of Fear. They believe the resurrection of Cazic-Thule lies within its power.

As you travel through Shard's Landing you will learn that there are other forces at work. It is up to you to learn the secrets of this land and its inhabitants...

Re: Shard's Landing Zone Overview By: Kitreya On: December 01, 2012, 09:32:42 AM

Liking it so far myself. Even the part about "run to the zones the hard way" the first time had a cool old school feel to it.

Re: Shard's Landing Overview By: Falos On: November 22, 2012, 02:45:59 PM

Best entry zone of an expansion in yearsssss!

Shard's Landing Zone Overview By: Rorce On: November 01, 2012, 02:51:34 AM

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